How to Know If You Need Collision Insurance in Ponte Vedra Beach

The required liability auto insurance in Ponte Vedra Beach doesn’t cover damages to your vehicle from a crash or single-vehicle accident, such as hitting a lamp post. To get your vehicle covered, you need collision insurance. However, not everyone will need this coverage. Learn when you should consider adding collision insurance.

Age and Value of Vehicle

Collision insurance doesn’t pay over the vehicle’s worth. Older vehicles commonly cost more to repair than the vehicle’s value. A newer vehicle that you have paid for and plan to drive often may be worth the cost.

To find out if the cost is worth paying, find the value of your vehicle, and subtract the possible collision deductible from it. Take this figure, and subtract it from the cost of a year’s policy. A negative figure means the cost of collision may not be worth paying.

Your Driving Record and Accident Risk

If you have never had an accident, you likely don’t need collision insurance. If you get into a crash, and it’s not your fault, the other driver’s insurance should pay for vehicle repair or replacement.

Where you live can influence your decision to add collision. For example, you may prefer to add collision in regions with a high risk of black ice from snowstorms.

Buying or Leasing

When you buy or lease from a dealer, they commonly require collision insurance. You have the option of dropping the collision coverage after the lease is up or you have finished paying off the vehicle.

Collision insurance is optional, but don’t get caught driving without liability auto insurance in Ponte Vedra Beach. You could face stiff fines. Contact St.Johnson’s Insurance to get a free quote.

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