How to Prepare for Rug Installation in Bedford Hills, New York

by | Oct 15, 2019 | Carpet Store

The homeowner has not finished their work once they select a carpet and schedule an installation date. The carpet installers need to have the room ready for the installation. A prepared room and organized homeowner enable the installation team to work without delay, and proper preparations make it possible for the residents to enjoy the comfort of their cozy new carpet sooner.

Ask About Baseboards

Before a Rug Installation in Bedford Hills, NY, the homeowner should know how much room exists between the subfloor and the baseboard. The carpet cannot slide beneath the baseboard if the gap is too thin. Another concern is with any doors that open into the room. The door may drag or not open at all if the space under the door does not give adequate room for the carpet.

Make a Purchase

Invest in a reliable vacuum and a carpet shampooer. The ability to keep the carpet clean from the day of the Rug Installation in Bedford Hills, NY will help to extend the life of the new flooring. The room will have a lot of traffic from the installers as well as from family members or furniture movers and may need cleaning immediately.

Do Some Work

Remove any existing carpet and make sure the subfloor is in good condition. Touch up the paint or repaint the room. Finish other renovation work like adding shelves or repairing drywall. Do the work before the carpet arrives to prevent any damage to the new carpet.

Clear the Room

Remove all furniture and take items off the walls that the installation team may accidentally bump or knock off the wall. Remember to move any cables or electrical wires on or near the floor. Remove or clip up any drapes that reach the floor.

Plan for Ventilation

Homeowners should ventilate the room for a day or two after the installation. The ventilation allows any chemical odors from the carpet or the adhesive used on the floor to dissipate. It is safe to shampoo a new carpet after installation if the scent of the materials bothers anyone in the home.

Companies like Redi-Cut Carpets & Rugs can help homeowners prepare for their DIY or professional installation. Carpet companies can also assist new carpet owners with advice about cleaning and care. Talk to a professional to learn more about the prep work needed before installation.

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