How You Can Stop Those Pesky Mosquitoes in Iowa Before They Stop You

Here in Iowa, we know a thing or two about pesky pests pecking away at our good times. Of all the annoying little buggers we have to put up with, mosquitoes are one of the most common (and most annoying) pests in the Iowa area and it won’t be long before they’re buzzing all around us. We have compiled some pro tips for insect control in Ankeny IA to help you to keep these annoying little guys at bay.

1. Eliminate Standing Water

The thing that attracts mosquitoes like crazy is standing water. This is where they lay their eggs, and it only takes a small amount to attract them. Eliminating standing water from your yard or property is not always an easy task, but it is one of the most beneficial things you can do to stop the spread of mosquitoes.

2. Landscape with Mosquito Repellants

Many plants and flowers are natural repellents to mosquitoes. If you can incorporate these into your yard work or landscaping, it will help with insect control in Ankeny IA and give you have a mosquito-free year. Some of these helpful plants include:

– Marigolds

– Catnip

– Horsemint

3. Keep Lawns and Bushes Trim

Mosquitoes enjoy shady areas to catch a break from the sun and heat. Be sure to keep your lawn short and your hedges and bushes well-trimmed. This will give these pests fewer spots to catch a break in the shade.

If these tricks are just not cutting it for you, please contact Premier Pest Services Inc. Our team is always ready to help you handle almost any kind of Iowan pest you can think of.

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