Important Checklist Before You Call for AC Repair in Mt Pleasant SC

by | Apr 30, 2021 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Nothing is more frustrating than air conditioning problems on a hot and humid summer day. During this time of year, many AC repair services in Mt Pleasant SC get swamped with calls for help. When you’re having problems, here are some things you can do that may get your cooling system back online. They might save you time, trouble, and money.

Check for Powers

It’s possible that your window cooling unit may have come unplugged. You should also check the circuit breakers for your HVAC unit. To reset a tripped breaker, turn it off and then back on. However, if it keeps tripping, you probably have a more serious issue that needs an Ac repair in Mt Pleasant SC.

Check Your Coils

Go outside and see if there is a lot of debris or dirt in your coils. If so, clean them with a garden hose and some mild soap. You can also use a brush with soft bristles. When condenser coils get dirty, your HVAC unit can do its job properly. If the coils appear frozen, turn off the unit so it can thaw and make sure everything is clean before turning it back on again.

Look At Your Thermostat

Some people call AC repair services in Mt Pleasant SC because their house is too warm and they don’t realize someone changed the thermostat settings. Many modern digital thermostats run on batteries, and you may just need some fresh batteries to fix your cooling problem.

Pull out the AC Filter

Check your house filter to see if it is clogged with dust and dirt. A clogged filter keeps your cool air from properly circulating. Changing the filter is a simple task. Just make sure you get the right size and replace the new filter with the air-flow arrows pointing inward. Otherwise, your filter cannot work right.

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