Important Skills of Effective Medical Coders in Healthcare Operations

Medical coders that work in healthcare operations have valuable competencies that make them highly effective at their job. Whether they work for an offshore medical coding company or independently as a contractor, it’s understood that these skills are required.


Medical coders must have excellent communication skills. That’s because they may need to communicate with a variety of healthcare professionals with clarity. During the process of engaging with different colleagues, medical coders must have stellar active listening skills, which enables them to obtain and understand the information that’s communicated. Failure to do so will often result in errors that can lead to a long list of problems. Another aspect of communication that’s a key part of excelling as a medical coder is being able to ask the right questions. This requires a keen understanding of medical terminology.

Problem Solving

Being able to solve problems is important for just about every professional, regardless of their industry. Problem-solving as a medical coder is important because challenges can arise that are difficult to navigate. Part of the problem resolution process is conducting research to obtain accurate information. When the proper research is not conducted and inaccurate information is used, it can result in longer hours because of revisions. Having the ability to solve problems will result in a much higher level of efficiency and a more satisfying work experience.

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