Interesting Facts About Lawyers in Mankato, MN

No matter what someone thinks about lawyers, it cannot be denied there are some very interesting facts about lawyers in Mankato, MN. If someone is about to hire one or is being sued by one, here are some factoids to review before taking the next step.

Origins of the Profession

  • Historians have dated the very first lawyers as coming from Ancient Greece. They did essentially the same job that contemporary lawyers do.
  • There were also lawyers during the Middle Ages. King Henry VIII established courts of law to determine if people were committing treason against him. To say the odds were stacked against the accused may be an understatement.

A Career That’s Hard to Get Into

  • Law is not exactly an easy career to get into. First, a four-year degree must be obtained. After that, the potential candidate must attend law school, which generally takes another four years. After they have graduated from law school comes possibly the hardest part about becoming a lawyer; this would be passing the infamous bar exam, which is a requisite in order to be able to become a licensed attorney.
  • Every year, there is an estimated 40,000 lawyers who become licensed. This makes for an absolutely brutal competition among those looking to start their own firms or join prestigious firms.

Potpourri of Facts

  • There are many people who actually graduated from law school but went on to do something else entirely. Famous celebrities who went to law school include Ray Manzarek, from legendary rock band The Doors, famous football coach Vince Lombardi, and even Ozzie Nelson of TV fame.
  • The type of personality that lawyers in Mankato, MN must have to succeed in their chosen profession also leads them to an increased risk of suicide. In fact, behind cancer and heart attacks, suicide is the leading cause of death among lawyers.

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