Is The Hydraulic Telescoping Cylinder The Best Option For The Application?

Choosing the best option in hydraulic cylinders for a job is not always as simple as choosing a single or a double acting cylinder. There is also the option to choose a hydraulic telescoping cylinder, which may be the ideal solution for equipment and machinery where a longer lift is required.

The standard type of welded cylinder is limited to the length of extension by the body length of the rod in the cylinder. This stroke length can vary, but it is limited to the design of the equipment and the maximum load capacity on the cylinder.

In many types of applications, from dump trucks to hydraulic lifts, cranes, and other types of equipment, extended lifting capacity may be required. In this type of application, a hydraulic telescoping cylinder offers the perfect solution.

The Design

The hydraulic telescoping cylinder uses several stages or components that nest into each other in the cylinder body, with the largest or base stage on the bottom. Through hydraulic pressure, the telescoping function is engaged, starting with extending the base stage through to the smallest of the top stages for a maximum extension that is more than possible with the standard welded cylinder.

The challenge in the design and engineering of the telescoping cylinder is to create the ideal stage size to manage the maximum load. This is essential to prevent the cylinder stages from bending over time and negatively impacting both performance and cylinder life.

By working with a custom telescoping cylinder manufacturer, the correct configuration of the cylinder can be developed to ensure the cylinder meets the requirements for the job. This also means greater durability and a longer life cycle for the cylinder, both essential considerations over time and with the ongoing operation of the equipment.

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