Know the Benefits of Buying a Used Car From a Dealer in Batavia

Even after you have decided to buy a used vehicle instead of new, it’s important to consider where you’ll buy your new car. There are reasons you shouldn’t buy from a private owner. In general, the reasons you chose to buy used over new won’t be beneficial if you invest in a private seller’s lemon. Here are some specific reasons to get your next vehicle from a used Ford car dealer in Batavia.

Professional Checkup

Before a dealer puts a newly acquired used car out on their lot, they will assign a mechanic to give it a thorough checkup and tune-up. This process helps uncover any problems that the previous owners may not have mentioned. By the time the work is complete, any mechanical issues you may have experienced have been repaired.

Added Protection

When you buy from a private individual, you’ll have to trust that you’re getting a fair deal. That can end up leaving you without any recourse if the vehicle starts to show problems once you take ownership of it. However, a vehicle bought from a dealership will come with a limited warranty. You may also have the option of buying extra protection if you’re really worried that the vehicle may not be as good as it seems.

Get a Fairer Deal

Everyone knows that dealers base their prices on the standard Kelly Blue Book price and mark up the sale price by a small percentage to make a profit. The markup is typically based on the condition of the vehicle, the amount of mechanical work required to get it ready, and the features of that particular model. Unlike a used Ford car dealer in Batavia, a private seller won’t use those same criteria. Instead, they may inflate the price and compel you to pay more than the real value of the vehicle. This is why most people know they will get better deals from a team on a used car sales lot.

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