Knowing When You Need Transmission Repair Service in Bellbrook OH

by | Feb 11, 2019 | Automotive

The transmission is the part of a vehicle that a transfers the power from the motor to the move the wheels. The transmission shifts between gears based on speed and terrain to provide the most efficient power needed to pull the vehicle. If a transmission has issues, it can make it difficult or impossible for a vehicle to drive properly. It is important to understand the signs of problems with a transmission and to get Transmission Repair Service in Bellbrook OH as soon as possible.

Leaking Fluid

For a transmission to run properly, it needs to maintain certain levels of transmission fluid to provide the right lubrication to keep the system running smoothly and to keep it cool. If the fluid gets too low, it can cause irreversible damage to the transmission. Any signs of leaking or the levels getting low regularly should be checked out as soon as possible by a trained professional. They can identify the source of the problem and make repairs before damage is caused.

Changes in Shifting

If there are any changes in the way a vehicle shifts between gears, it should be looked at by a trained mechanic. This includes hesitation in shifting or a hard jerking when the vehicle shifts. Hesitations and jerking can also be noticed when the car is first put into drive. A transmission may be having issues if it seems it is shifting back and forth between gears while driving. These can all be signs of major problems. Transmission Repair Service in Bellbrook OH may be necessary to keep the car running.


It is also important to provide regular maintenance for the transmission in a vehicle. It is a good idea to check the transmission fluid regularly to be certain there is no leaking occurring. However, some transmission systems require a mechanic to check the fluid levels. It is also important to have the fluid changed on a regular basis. This is usually between 30,000 and 60,000 miles, depending on the specific vehicle.

Providing regular maintenance for a transmission, as well as other aspects of a vehicle, should be performed by a trained professional to ensure these tasks are properly performed. A mechanic has the knowledge and experience to provide the right care needed for each vehicle. They are also able to identify problems early to prevent damage. Make an appointment now.

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