Metal Rollers to Streamline Your Assembly Line Production Process

Rollers made of metal are commonly used in conveyor belts with intensive use. They have proven to be economical and durable. Both qualities help to assure your assembly line continues to function at the highest level possible.

Custom Metal Rollers

Your company has the option of ordering premade or custom rollers for your conveyor belts. Your business needs dictate the size and weight capabilities of the rollers you order. Replacement rollers can also be special ordered in standard or custom sizes. It could benefit your production speed to keep some extras on hand for emergencies.

Industries That Use Metal Rollers

Industries that often prefer metal over other types of rollers include food handling, shipbuilding, and those that deal with corrosive materials. Metal Rollers is more durable and can withstand more weight and tolerate exposure to toxic conditions better than some substances can. Metal can be sterilized and therefore more sanitary when operating near food.

Benefits of Choosing Metal

Business needs determine the speed and safety steps necessary in your choice of rollers for your conveyor belts. Certain products such as explosives and flammable items are more apt to pose a danger to employees while others are no threat to safety. Self-lubricating rollers can add to the longevity of the entire conveyer belt system requiring less stopping and starting of production to replace or repair. Metal can help cut down on labor costs due to outages that require a hands-on human application.

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