Mistakes to Avoid When Pinterest Marketing in Los Angeles

by | Jun 12, 2013 | Business

Pinterest is a social media site that allows users to post virtual "bulletin boards" full of videos and images, organized by topic. There is great potential for the site as a marketing tool, but users should be careful not to misuse it. Below are four marketing mistakes to avoid when using Pinterest.
Posting Irrelevant Content (Spam)
As a social media marketer, it’s your job to offer something of value to the communities where you interact with potential and current customers. As far as Pinterest Marketing Los Angeles is concerned, this means making sure the videos and images you post actually improve the site, and aren’t merely a classified ad. Posting uninteresting, solely promotional images is a great way to irritate the very people you’re trying to engage.
Failing to Showcase Your Products
At the other end of the spectrum, another mistake is to never show off your products. One of Pinterest’s best attributes is its marketing potential. Don’t be shy about presenting products-;present them in a beneficial way, and you’ll be OK.
Expecting to Gain Customers
The statistics on Pinterest are astounding. The site has over 11 million active participants, and yet it drives more traffic than Twitter, which has over 100 million participants. Many people spend hours a day on Pinterest, but the site still has room to grow-;and those users fall into a relatively narrow market segment. Don’t assume that your best customers are going to be on the site, and that you can grab them by posting a couple of pictures. It’s best to think of Pinterest as a way to engage customers you already have.
Expecting Quick Results
As with all other marketing strategies, a Pinterest plan should look at the big picture. Just posting a few images and videos won’t send your sales through the roof overnight. Look at Pinterest as a way to increase customer interaction and build loyalty.
After reading this list of things to avoid, it’s very easy to get discouraged. Don’t let these mistakes scare you away from Pinterest marketing-;just be patient and avoid them. The social media site can (and should) be a part of any well-rounded marketing campaign.

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