Must-Have Functions for Payroll Software

When you decide on using payroll outsourcing services you will discover that most will implement some type of software to make keeping track of important information easier. When trying to find the right provider, you should ask about their software and see whether the following functions are offered. If not, it may be wise to keep looking.

Self-Setup for Employees

Having to send paper forms to new employees, or for any other reason, is extremely inefficient. You have to wait for the forms to be filled out and returned and then the forms have to be filed. With quality payroll software, provided by payroll outsourcing services, everything can be done digitally, reducing the wait time and processing time. This self-setup also ensures the employee and the payroll workers are the only ones who see personal information.


The payroll software that is used should be as seamless as it possibly can by and easily integrate with the other software used in the business. One option to look for is software that connects to the ATO with an API. You should also consider selecting to work with a software provider who connects to super clearinghouses to provide seamless superannuation processing.

The Latest Technology

No longer do workers use paper time sheets and clock in manually. You need to harness the growth that technology has provided and implement this in your business. With software in place, your staff can clock in with a mobile device, which can also take a photo of the person clocking on. This helps prevent time theft and other common issues.

When selecting a payroll outsourcing services provider, make sure the software they use has the aforementioned features for the best results possible.

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