My Career In The Mortgage Industry

I am often asked why I chose such a boring career path as working in mortgage operations. Well, it really started back in High School; where I suppose I was a bit of a nerd. I was simply fascinated by numbers and mathematics – not so much the obscure areas of algebra, calculus or differential equations but the sheer beauty of the numbers themselves and the disciplined manner in which they functioned. My attitude to numbers was also reflected in a love for accuracy in words. To be honest, I was not really interested in what the words were telling me but, I had an almost compulsive desire to see them put together in a logical, clear-cut manner. This thinking continued all the way through to my graduation from college.

I did not wish to use my love of numbers in more esoteric job functions such as quantum physics or astronomy but, I did have an overwhelming desire to work with numbers. By chance, I came across an advertisement from a Mortgage Recruiting agency that was staffed by industry experts and specialized in placing people at all levels in mortgage operations. Brilliant, I thought, this is for me; in the financial sector, numbers have to be precise and correct and, in addition, all the documentation must be equally correct. As they say, the rest is history, the agency secured me my first (albeit lowly) position within mortgage operations and I found the work truly fascinating.

However, as a college graduate, I did not wish to stay too long on the bottom rung of the employment hierarchy. I suppose I was too ambitious to wait to fill "dead men’s footsteps" so; I was soon on the lookout for a new position to advance my career. I contacted that first Mortgage Recruiting agency and they agreed to keep my data in their computers and contact me whenever any suitable new openings became available.

True to their promises, they soon started to send me information about new positions that I was qualified to undertake and would provide me with career advancement. After a couple of productive moves, the agency advised me that I was now ready to seek out Mortgage Underwriter Jobs and that is exactly my current position. In a few years time – who knows how high I will have climbed on the strength of my belief in numbers and accuracy.

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