Options For White Ant Treatment In Adelaide

If you live in or around Adelaide, you may have heard the term white ant. In fact, a white ant is actually a termite, but they get their alternative name from their milky color and somewhat ant-like appearance.

Unlike ants, termites can cause significant structural damage to a home or wooden building in Adelaide in a very short period of time. Annual inspections for termites are a must in this area, allowing professional exterminators to begin an effective treatment before the insects begin attacking and eating wooden components of the building.

Different White Ant Treatment Methods

The use of specific termite or white ant treatment is the reason that professional exterminators are able to eliminate the colony and prevent further infestations.

The process starts with a termite inspection, determining where termites are located on the property, as well as the specific types of termites found. This information is critical to choosing the best method to eradicate the population and protect the property moving forward.

Options include baiting systems, which are designed to lure termites into specific areas and eliminate them. These systems are strategically placed in areas where termites travel in and around the home.

Soil treatments are recommended when termites are gaining access to the home by moving through soil. These systems can remain active for years, providing ongoing protection.

Finally, a dusting for termites or white ants is effective for active feeding sites and the elimination of current colonies.

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