Physical Therapists: Helping Patients Get Moving

Physical therapists are trained and licensed individuals who have a singular goal in mind. They work with doctors, specialists and the patient to help restore the capacity of motion to the affected limbs and body parts. They effectively address any mobility issues and apply their knowledge and clinical experience to ensure they achieve these goals.

What Does a Physical Therapist Do?

Those in this field train to address diverse mobility issues. They meet with physicians, surgeons and the patient to discuss such things as goals and capabilities. The result is a formation of a plan crafted to that specific individual. These plans can:

  • Provide a set of exercises designed to help the patient improve the areas of mobility affected by their problem. Physical therapists in Lafayette may work on recovering and developing balance, coordination, flexibility, and strength.
  • Teach proper posture and the basics of body movements relating to everyday activities.
  • Educate in the correct use of various assistive devices, e.g. canes, walkers, etc.
  • Recommend treatment options that can help ease the pain and stress on specific joints or provide the necessary extra support. These can include braces, show inserts, splints, and hot and cold therapy.
  • Introduce other options including environmental ones, e.g. ergonomic chairs, desks, computers and other similar devices.

A physical therapist will consider the various aspects of the health problem as well as your past, present and future physical capabilities, and incorporate them into a viable action plan.

Paying for a Physical Therapist

The work a physical therapist does may or may not be covered under your medial insurance plan. Check with your agent. They can advise you as to the degree of your coverage in this area. Do be sure to check on the extent of coverage. Many companies limit the number of visits.

Finding Physical Therapists

The best way to locate a physical therapist is through your doctor. Ask them for a recommendation. Other options are available. Contact a local medical center or visit a center that has an in-house physical therapist. They will be happy to provide you with a list of therapists in your area. You can then look at their websites and check for recommendations and areas of expertise. After looking at several online reviews, you can prepare a short list of physical therapists you will visit before making your final decision.

The professionals at Metropolitan Physical Therapy, LLC offer their clients access to many services. Physical therapists work with dedicated surgeons and doctors to ensure patients receive the type of care they need. Their highly skilled and experienced physicians work closely with other staff members and the patients to ensure a comprehensive care plan is in place. Their goal is to provide an experience that is both comprehensive and compassionate. For further information on services, visit Metropolitan Physical Therapy, LLC.

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