Planning for Retirement with Christopher Dixon, Oxford Advisory Group

You may have heard Christopher Dixon, Oxford Advisory Group financial advisor, on his radio show, “Reinventing Retirement.” He often shares his advice, which he brings to people through his Oxford Advisory Group. His main objective is to help people work through their retirement goals so that they can plan for their futures and live the lives they envision.

Strategy for Retirement Planning

When people work with Christopher Dixon & Samuel Dixon, they learn the strategy of maximizing investments and making retirement as comfortable as it can be. The first step is to look at the growth of current finances. They look for ways that what you have today can grow at a faster rate so that you have more in the future.

The next aspect is the preservation of assets, where they help you implement the best strategies to hold onto what you have. He discusses these topics on his radio show, and he works with people directly to make sure that they are able to preserve assets and wealth into retirement.

Strategies for Legacies

The other critical aspect of retirement planning is how to make sure that people leave something behind for family members or causes they care about. When you work with Christopher Dixon, Oxford Advisory Group, you will receive contact information for the professionals who can help you line up your probate and how you want your wealth distributed after your death. You can move forward knowing that you are protected if the unexpected happens.

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