Popular Extras to Look for When Shopping for a Used Car in Joliet

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When shopping for a used car you probably look at a few basic things such as gas mileage, total mileage and safety features. But, sometimes the extras in a used car can be just as important as the basics. Check out three extras many people look for when browsing an inventory of used cars in Joliet.

A Trip Computer

A trip computer keeps track of the distance you’ve traveled, your gas consumption, average gas usage and more. If you and your family like to go on road trips both long and short, then a trip computer would likely be an extra feature you’d look for in a used car.

Cargo Tie Downs

Cargo tie downs keep your bags, suitcases or other cargo secure on the roof of your car. Once again, if you and your family take the car on a lot of vacations, a sturdy collection of cargo tie downs may be an extra you’re looking for as you browse a selection of used cars in Joliet.

Cup Holders in Front and Rear of Vehicle

Cup holders may seem like an unimportant feature in a used car, but they can come in handy for more than cups. Of course, if you have passengers in the front and back seats, you need cup holders to accommodate everyone. The rear cup holders can be used to hold a cell phone, tissues and more. If you have young kids, cup holders in the rear of the vehicle can be a lifesaver.

Lastly, these are just a few extras that are popular with many used car buyers. Of course, the specific extra features a buyer wants depends on his or her lifestyle.

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