Reap the Rewards of Eschelon Merchant Services ISO Program

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Business

Savvy merchant service sales agents realize they have the ability to use their merchant services ISO program to help improve their business practices and increase the satisfaction of their customers. It is important that agents choose the right merchant service ISO program to maximize their profit and increase customer service.

As part of its merchant service ISO program, Eschelon offers many proprietary services such as online portfolio management, proprietary virtual terminal & POS system, dedicated agent support staff, plus much more.

Once you have agreed to take part in a merchant services ISO program you won’t believe how many benefits you’re company receives. When you first sign up for the program you’ll see just how much of an asset it can be, and since the program constantly works to improve itself, the benefits your business reaps continue to grow.

Whether you’re a large agent office or a one man sale shop our Eschelon merchant services ISO program will provide you benefits that are unparalleled to the industry. Including:

* Industry’s leading portfolio management tool with the ability to create sub-agents and track their residuals. Perfect for the one man agent office or the large ISO. Our technology gives you the tools to streamline your operations.
* Competitive residual splits & revenue sharing on all interchange levels
* Proprietary virtual terminal & POS system
* Proprietary iPod & iPhone processing application
* Multiple payment platforms
* Split fund relationship with over 10 Merchant Cash Advance companies
* Dedicated agent support staff
* Multiple leasing options
* Tier I (low risk) & Tier II (high risk) processing solutions
* No risk or liability
* Merchant account approvals within 3 hours
* Non-Exclusive agent agreements
* Competitive residual buyout options
* Free website for generating leads

By partnering with merchant services ISO program of Eschelonms you will get the benefits and services with guarantee increased income and unlimited success.

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