Reliable Valet Services for Any Occasion in Palm Springs

Whether you are organizing valet parking services for a significant event at a hotel or night club in Palm Springs or you’re hosting a massive private event that you want parking assistance with, we have a package and options that will seamlessly blend with your event. Valet parking services create a professional appearance for your event before your guests even make it to the party and create a more welcoming environment as they arrive.

Protect Your Clients With Full Coverage

Our valet parking services are not only professionally executed from start to finish, but we also come with full coverage insurance that indemnifies customers if anything should happen to their vehicle while in operation or under the watchful eye of our staff. This coverage includes garage liability, garage keepers liability, umbrella excess liability, workers compensation and fidelity bond.

Reliable Tracking System

We use a reliable vehicle tracking system that uses 4-part ticket technology for seamless service before and after the event. Our staff also carry radios so that there can be instant communication with all members of our team for a smooth system that won’t gum up the works at your event as guests arrive and depart.

Customizable Experience

Our valet parking services in Palm Springs, CA, offer many materials that can be used during your event, depending on the space provided. Choose the size of the umbrella that suits your event and even select which of our many uniforms the valet parking services staff will wear to blend in.

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