Roam If You Want To By Checking Out These 5 Spots in Beautiful Bellingham

One of the best things about off campus housing near WWU is the freedom to roam. In one of the most scenic areas of the U.S., there’s no denying paradise is at your front door. There’s plenty of things you can take advantage of without the burden of on-campus dorm rules. Here are five carefree things you can do without worrying about a curfew or disturbing your dorm mates.

SPARK Museum of Electrical Invention

Jolt your inner physicist by taking a trip to this museum. Interactive and innovative, take a tour for a history lesson in electrical progressions and brilliance.

Bellingham Farmers Market

From April to December, check out a range of healthy produce and other tasty offerings. Take advantage of that off-campus kitchen and whip up something amazing with your farmers’ market score.

Lake Padden Park

Looking for something less boisterous and nature-centric? Lake Padden Park is the place to hike, mountain bike, or just have a picnic.

Mount Baker

Bellingham is living close to everything, whether it’s the sea or the mountains. Mt. Baker has a gorgeous ski area. Take advantage of those free days or nights and chase those slopes.

Locust Beach

Time to go seaside? Locust Beach is a great place to visit. Skimboard or venture out onto Nooksack River Delta, you’ll hear the beautiful call of seabirds while enjoying one of nature’s greatest gifts. Off campus housing near WWU is a gift. Love and take advantage of it. For more information please take your time and visit Lark Bellingham today.

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