Roll Out the Most Fun, Lively Product Promos and Campaigns With Pedicabs

by | Oct 4, 2019 | Bicycle Shop

Pedicabs are a lasting, global symbol of transportation and old world-inspired ingenuity. Today’s pedicabs are more than just transpo; they’re rolling advertisements for your up-and-coming or established brand. Here are the basic specs on your pedicab advertising choices.

Constructed for Sturdiness and Handsomeness

We know that the ability to visually stimulate customers is half the battle. You also need a pedicab that performs well in real-world circumstances, combining a good ride with great visuals and great customer service.

Double-walled rims and 12-gauge spokes ensure pedicab advertising that looks spectacular and withstands daily beatings. An all-aluminum cab makes for highly durable housing that supports high weight and never fails. UV-resistant polycarbonate panels stand up to the worst weather and the brightest sunlight while providing a lasting surface on which you can broadcast your brand logo, message and concise value proposition.

Comfort, Convenience and Classic Style

Pedicab design hasn’t changed much in ages, and with good reason. It works. Our pedicabs have 24-speed drivetrains for comfortable, easy maneuvering, with a 4-foot seating area to comfortably accommodate guests.

LED lights throughout deliver generous, multi-directional illumination as you oversee your pedicab advertising. LED, or light-emitting diodes, emit more lumens per watts, creating vibrant light when electrons recombine with electron holes. The result is super-bright lighting that costs less money and lasts longer.

More Benefits of Pedicabs

Our pedicabs have weatherproof battery compartments with straps. Straps keep your battery firmly in place, and weatherproof housing means you can rock your pedicab in any kind of weather without worries about shock or fire.

Durable handrails let passengers step up into and step down out of your pedicab safely. Anti-skid, aluminum flooring in the passenger area prevents customers from slipping as they board and de-board. Built-in USB chargers let you and customers power devices to conduct your business or manage social media as you pedal through the city, treating customers to the most comfortable, open-air cab ride of their lives.

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