Savor the Menu at a Seafood Café in Oceanside, CA

Are you a seafoodie? Do you love all things seafood? If so, you will love to sample the seafood at your local seafood diner and fish market. Not only can you take some fresh seafood home, but you can also enjoy a repast at the local café.

A Memorable Eating Experience

A seafood café in Oceanside, CA will definitely make eating a memorable activity. You can choose from menus that feature seafood in various forms. For example, you will not get bored with the items on any of the menus. You can choose from sandwiches, fish tacos and burritos, fresh grilled seafood entrees, and fried selections. You can also choose from various chowders and salads, each made with a tasty seafood to complement the palate.

Check Out the Char-Grilled Plates

One of the places that offers this varied menu offering is Pelly’s Fish Market & Café. Visit the café and market any time that you have a craving for fish from the sea. One of the favorite seafood dishes is the char-grilled plates. These plates are served with Spanish rice and a garden salad. You can choose from seasonings such as lemon butter, lemon dill, teriyaki, Cajun, or a house marinade.

A Wide Seafood Selection

Some of the seafood that is featured includes fresh yellow tail, Pacific red snapper, Northern halibut, sea bass, and swordfish. You can also choose crab cake, grilled shrimp, or jumbo sea scallops at the local seafood café. If you love seafood, you won’t be disappointed by this varied selection.

Delight in a Bowl of Chowder

If you notice a chill in the air, you might want to stop by your local seafood eatery and enjoy a cup or bowl of clam chowder. You can choose a small cup, larger bowl, or a bread bowl to soak up the juices. Chowder is a must-have seafood choice on a winter day in Oceanside. The clams that are used at the seafood café are either Boston white or Manhattan red clams.

Regardless of how you choose to satisfy your hunger, you will love visiting your local seafood market and café. Make the most of your journey. Plan ahead and review the menu online.

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