Say It with Style: The Corporate Truffle Box

Corporate gifts are packages, many times of food products, to share with your business partners and treasured clients to show your appreciation. It helps stimulate trust, camaraderie and lasting connections, but many times corporate gifts come off as cheap and impersonal. Avoid alienating your target audience by creating a classy, tasteful gift that is sure to be used and remembered fondly. Follow these tips in creating a corporate chocolate truffle box that works for you.

Less Is More

Truffles are decadent candies coated in thick chocolate and filled with flavored creams. They can be topped in swirls, etched in designs, sprinkled with small candy pieces or rolled in scented powders. Truffles really are a work of art. They are best given sparingly with an eye on quality versus generically lumped into a bulk box without much thought.

How many truffles are too many? It depends on the recipient and the occasion. If you are thanking a single business client or associate, two chocolates is ideal. Partnerships of three or four people call for a single package matching the number of recipients. You can also split them up and give each person their own corporate truffle box, ensuring, of course, that higher level employees receive more. However, packaging more than four candies into a package for one person is crass and takes away the effectiveness of gifting deluxe chocolates.

Flavor and Appearance Count More Than Cost

Truffles are often the most expensive candies at the counter when you visit a chocolatier in person. The same is true when ordering online. They are expensive for a reason. Only the highest quality of chocolate should be used in their preparation. Taste is of utmost important, as is unique and pleasing looks. When ordering a corporate truffle box for someone of stature, it’s essential that you get a sample to make sure the taste is up to snuff. Few things disappoint ?ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ“ or leave as bad of an impression ?ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ“ as an unpalatable chocolate.

Perfecting Polish

First impressions mean a lot, especially when it comes to high-end corporate gift-giving. In order to feel as special and appreciated as you intend, it’s important that the corporate truffle box you design comes with the proper presentation. Generally speaking, this means satin-style paper and bow with delicate paper inserts to protect the candies. You may also have the option of including a tag or note. It’s of utmost importance that any message you include is spelled correctly, addressed to the appropriate person and has all professional titles noted correctly. Done correctly, this kind of item can present your company as an invested partner that values quality, connections and style.

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