See What a Personal Insurance Policy in Huntington, IN Can Do for You

When people hear the word “personal” in reference to insurance, they only think of one policy. However, they may not be clear on the coverage. That is understandable as a personal policy can represent one of three different insurance plans.

For example, a personal insurance policy in Huntington, IN may cover short-term and long-term disability insurance, a health insurance policy, or life insurance plan. Therefore, any time that you hear the word “personal” tacked onto an insurance plan, it covers one of these three niche policies.

A Way to Pay Your Bills After an Accident

A popular type of personal insurance policy, short-term and long-term disability coverage will pay for your medical expenses and help you keep up with personal debts if you become disabled, injured, or sick. You can either buy this type of personal plan through your employer or purchase it yourself.

Reviewing the Differences in Coverage

Insurance agents offer two kinds of disability policies. The short-term policy provides income assistance for up to two years. Most of the plans extend coverage from a few months to one year. A long-term disability plan supplies compensation until the person dies or the disability ends. An employer who offers these coverages may choose to provide short-term coverage, long-term coverage, or both in a personal insurance policy.

Get Your Insurance Questions Answered Now

Would you like to find out more about personal insurance coverage? If so, you can get your questions answered when you visit a site such as that of the Mettler Agency Inc. Address your insurance needs so you can find a personal insurance plan or plans that will supply you with more financial security. You cannot afford to take chances in this volatile economy. Make sure that you have insurance protection in your portfolio that is both affordable and user-friendly. Scrutinize all the personal plans today and stay on top of your finances and exact insurance needs.

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