Should You Perform Black Mold Removal on Your Own?

The presence of mold in your home can be disconcerting before you are even aware of what type it is. If you find black mold in your home, however, everyone knows how dangerous it is and the importance for immediate black mold removal. This toxic substance can spread quickly and cause severe allergic and health reactions in those who are subjected to its harmful effects.


The first step to determine how extensive the problem is in your home is to inspect the entire home. Start in the areas in which you have seen suspicious spots, but don’t stop there. Black mold is known to spread easily, making it possible to be in areas you never even thought of. Include areas that are dark and hidden, such as underneath sinks, inside doorways and in any areas with discolored walls, water spots or other obvious damage. If the severity of your infestation seems quite large, it is best to call in professionals to perform a thorough inspection.


Once you have determined the areas that need black mold removal, you will need to prepare the area. The most advantageous step you can take is to seal off the room that has the toxic substance present in it. This includes closing all doors and finding ways to seal off any areas that offer air flow to prevent the spores from being picked up and carried to other rooms. If you plan to clean the area yourself, you will need a mask, gloves and other protective gear to prevent any exposure to the substance. If you are not comfortable dealing with it on your own, this is a good time to call a professional to help you properly remove the black mold.


If you do plan to clean it yourself, have bags or containers ready to throw any contaminated rags directly into; this will prevent the spores from going airborne and spreading throughout the house. Lightly spray the affected areas with water to prevent the mold spores from spreading. Using a rag or brush, apply the cleaner you purchased or use a solution of warm soap and water and thoroughly scrub the area. The products you use should have ingredients to kill mold, as well as disinfect the area. Care should be taken to thoroughly rinse and dry the area as well.

The presence of black mold in your home is scary. If you find areas in your home and you are unsure about cleaning it yourself, contact the professionals to come out and thoroughly clean, disinfect and fix the area of concern. This will ensure the job is done right and you are not spreading the spores throughout other rooms, putting your family at risk.

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