Signs It Is Time for Patio Screen Replacement in Orange Park

by | May 5, 2020 | Pool Enclosures,

A screened-in patio offers a host of benefits to homeowners that want to be able to enjoy this space to the full extent possible. Utilizing screen around a patio gives it benefits of both the indoors and the outdoors. Providing additional protection from insects is one of the top benefits, and it can provide extra protection against rain. With these points in mind, it is easy to see why screens are so useful as a part of a patio setup. For those that have patio screens, it is essential to conduct proper maintenance to keep the screen functioning at top efficiency. There is going to inevitably be a time when patio screen replacement in Orange Park is needed. When a homeowner notices these key signs, it is time for patio screen replacement in Orange Park. These cases are generally best handled through a professional contractor with expertise in screened-in patios.

There Are Significant Rips in the Screen Surface

When rips and tears occur in the screen material of a patio, it makes it hard for the screen to do its job, and issues such as rain and pests will inevitably get in. When this occurs, it is time for patio screen replacement.

Screen Material Is Starting to Come Out From the Seams

If patio screen material has started to come loose from the seams of the support beams, it is also time for patio screen replacement.

There Is Damage to Support Beams

If the support beams have become damaged in a screened-in patio, the screen material will usually end up becoming damaged as well. This is another case where a professional contractor should be brought in.

These circumstances indicate a need for patio screen replacement. When screen replacement is needed, help can be found by contacting the team at Screenworks Inc

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