Simple Tips For Maintaining Quartz Countertops

Most people assume that beautiful countertops are difficult to maintain in a home. However, as many homeowners in Minneapolis, MN, and the surrounding areas know, quartz countertops are easy to maintain.

Quartz is a natural stone, and the countertops are made up of approximately 90- 95% of crushed or aggregate quartz and between 5 and 15% resin. The resin can be clear or have dye added, creating beautiful colors that are not possible using marble, granite, or other natural stone that is mined from quarries and cut into slabs.

The benefit of the small amount of resin in combination with the natural stone is a strong, durable option for countertops for the bathroom, kitchen, or bar area in a home. Homeowners in MN often select quartz countertops just for this reason.

Wipe Away the Mess

The resin in the countertop acts as a permanent sealant, eliminating concerns with staining and etching. In the kitchen or the bathroom, this means that anything spilled on the surface will not be absorbed into the surface.

For most messes, simply use warm water and dishwashing liquid on a soft cloth or sponge. Wipe with a cloth with clean water, and dry with a lint-free cloth to add that extra shine to your quartz countertops.

Never Use Abrasives or Non-Approved Cleaners

Abrasive scrubbing cleaners or any type of abrasive cloth or cleaning sponge should never be used on the surface. This can leave small surface scratches that look dull. It is also important to avoid using any cleaner, including bleach products, not approved by the manufacturer.

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