Solar Panels Are Big Business in the U. S.

The Wall Street Journal reported in mid-December that U.S. solarpanelinstallation in 2011 topped previous years. According to GRM Research and the Solar Energy Industries Association, installation of solar panels was up 89% over the previous year.

The rising popularity of the solarpanel should come as no surprise. Installation costs have decreased almost 30% over the last several years, and though installation can still seem costly, this one-time cost is offset by energy savings in three years or less. In addition, federal, state, and even local grants for solar use can further offset installation costs, making solar panels a wise economic choice.

In addition to the monetary benefits, it has long been known that solar energy is one of the most sustainable, eco-friendly forms of energy available. Solar panels emit no pollution. True there is pollution in the production of the panel and transporting it to its final location, but beyond that, a solarpanel is pollution-free, and the energy source is entirely and completely renewable.

Solarpanelinstallation also increases the value of a home. Those who reside in Columbus, Ohio know what the housing market is like. Being able to market a home as energy efficient and inexpensive to run in terms of energy cost will attract potential buyers. Furthermore, homebuyers are attracted to modern technology in homes, and solar panels give a home that modern edge.

Another advantage to a solarpanel covered roof that is often overlooked is low-maintenance. Maintaining a rooftop requires time and money each year. When the available rooftop space is taken up with solar panels, however, maintenance needs are decreased because solar panels require little to no maintenance after installation.

Many roofing contractors in Columbus, OH and the surrounding areas are experienced in solarpanelinstallation. They have the background to be able to help customers determine if solar panels would be beneficial for their home. They have the experience to see to the installation. And, they have the commitment to the people of Columbus and to the environment to continue to service those panels if the need should arise.

Homeowners who are considering solar panels can call a local roofing contractor to arrange a consultation to determine cost and feasibility of solarpanelinstallation on their home. Once the panels are installed, the savings benefits and the advantages to the environment can begin.

The 89% growth in solarpanel usage in 2011 that the Wall Street Journal reported could just be the beginning of what this nation can do with inexpensive, renewable, sustainable solar power.



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