Some of the Most Popular Seafood Restaurants in Weston Feature a Distinctively Italian Flair

Florida is famous for the quality and variety of its fresh seafood, and there many ways of turning such excellent ingredients into truly unforgettable meals. Some of the most popular and best-reviewed Seafood Restaurants in Weston adopt a distinctively Italian approach to preparing the bounty of the sea. A quick look at some of the seafood dishes that are most often ordered at local establishments like Tarantella Ristorante & Pizzeria will show that there are good reasons for this.

A Taste of Italy in the Southern Part of Florida

Italian cuisine is known for many things, and its impressive treatment of seafood is certainly among them. Florida and Italy are alike in having large amounts of coastline relative to their overall areas, a feature that encourages and supports the commercial fishing industry of each.

A number of the leading Seafood Restaurants in Weston take their cues not from local recipes but from approaches imported from Italy. Some of the types of seafood-focused dishes that are most popular at such establishments are:

  • Seafood salad.
  • Combining shrimp, clams, squid and other types of seafood into a refreshing but satisfying salad is a consistently effective option. The most common Italian take on this general strategy sees the ingredients being marinated in high-quality olive oil and lemon juice before being served. That firms up the pieces of seafood that need it, improving their texture, and also contributes flavors which round out the experience very well.
  • Shrimp alla Christian.
  • Shrimp are among the richest types of seafood, making them especially appealing and satisfying to many diners. Shrimp that are sautéed just long enough with some garlic and then finished with tomatoes make for a delicious addition to toasted, buttered crusty bread.
  • Calamari marinara.
  • Rings of squid that have been battered and deep fried stand up very well on their own. Served with a carefully prepared tomato sauce and some lemon juice, calamari can easily be the best part of an evening out.

Italian Seafood Dishes Strike a Chord With Many Local Diners

Seafood-based dishes like these and others impress many patrons of Italian restaurants in the area. Florida has its own characteristic takes on how best to prepare seafood, but many locals feel that Italy’s are even more satisfying. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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