Starting A Dog Bite Case With Personal Injury Lawyers In Bradenton, FL

by | Oct 16, 2019 | Law Service

In Florida, dog attacks are often the result of a failure to control the animal. Pet owners are required to maintain control over their pets at all times. Even if the victim was invited into the home, the pet owner must mitigate risks. Personal Injury Lawyers in Bradenton FL help victims file a legal claim against the pet owner.

Locating the Dog and Describing the Attack

When reporting the dog attack, it is necessary for the victim to explain what happened and determine where they were during the attack. The animal control officer needs the details to find the dog and start an investigation.

Was the Dog Vaccinated?

All dogs in the state of Florida must be vaccinated for the rabies virus. If the pet owner didn’t vaccinate the dog, they are in violation of the law and must surrender the dog to a licensed vet. The quarantine period is twelve days, after which dogs exhibit symptoms if they have the rabies virus. The vet reports their findings to the animal control officer.

Previous Histories of Violence

A history of previous attacks or violent behaviors could present the pet owner with a strict liability. With a strict liability, the pet owner must provide a tort-based award along with medical expenses. In some areas, city ordinances require pet owners to keep their dogs in an outdoor enclosure or on a leash when they are outdoors. A violation leads to penalties for the pet owner in addition to a financial loss if the victim wins.

What Can Victims Expect?

Attorneys try to discredit cases if the victim played any role in causing their injuries. For example, criminal offenses make victims ineligible for a monetary award. Trespassing, animal cruelty, or home invasions are criminal acts that are often associated with animal attacks.

In Florida, dog attacks are a common premises liability that creates risks for visitors and the pet owners. If a dog attacks a human, the event is reported to the animal control officer. Victims of dog attacks contact Personal Injury Lawyers in Bradenton FL through Luhrsen Goldberg Attorneys At Law and schedule a consultation right now.

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