Taking a School Orchestra or Band on the Road? How a Charter Bus Can Help

When your school band or orchestra has been called to play far, far away, or they are entered into a competition, how will you get there? Dozens of instruments, uniforms, bags of clothes, kids, and more all have to be loaded on school buses, and even then they don’t really fit. School bus rentals could work, but it’s likely you would need one bus just for all of the instruments and nobody else rides. That’s somewhat wasteful and expensive. Here’s an alternative idea.

Charter Coaches

Instead of school bus rentals, how about affordable bus rentals in the form of charter coaches? These allow all the students and chaperones to ride in comfort in their own seats, provide a toilet in the back for the long stretches between bathroom breaks, and have tons of storage for bags and musical instruments under the coach bus. Since you would be spending about the same amount of money, but these affordable bus rentals are better for long trips, it would be worth it.

Minibus Rental for Students, Coach for Some Chaperones and Instruments

Here’s another idea. How about a minibus rental that can take all the students and a few of their bags, while a coach takes all of the instruments and the rest of the bags? Chaperones can take turns riding with the kids or riding with the instruments in coach. All the adults get a chance to ride in peace and quiet at some point, and the students can feel like they have their own bus.

Whichever option you choose, contact Great American Charters at https://www.greatamericancharters.com/.

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