The Benefits of Using a Disney Travel Agent

If you are planning your family vacation to Disney for the first time, then you likely need some help planning your trip! Here are some of the top benefits of booking your vacation with the help of a seasoned Disney travel agent Charlotte NC:

  • Travel agents have a Disney degree. Disney travel agents have successfully passed the Disney College of Knowledge courses and are required to undergo recertification each and every year. Most Disney travel agents have a huge passion for Disney travel and either own or write for Disney blogs and websites.
  • Knowledge of Disney parks and resorts. Knowledgeable Disney travel agents can help you choose the perfect resort for your family and stay within your budget.
  • Save time. Planning a vacation can be a difficult and time consuming process, and there are so many different working parts to a Disney World vacation. You need to decide how many days you want in the parks, which parks are age appropriate for your kids, whether or not you need a park hopper ticket and if you want to add a dining plan to your package. You can certainly read books and blogs and plan everything on your own, but you will save so much time by hiring a Disney travel agent.
  • Save money. You will actually save money by booking your vacation with a Disney travel agent. Disney releases travel discounts throughout the year, and if you book your package before the discount is released, you can still take advantage of the deal. If applicable, your travel agent will apply the discount to your package as soon as the promo or deal is released.

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