The Best Romantic Restaurants Near Minneapolis

Are you looking for the best romantic restaurants near Minneapolis? Have you been planning a special date night, but are unsure where to take your significant other? The best date night restaurants are casually elegant. You will not want to take your significant other to a restaurant that is loud, stuffy, and overcrowded. Date night is time to spend talking and laughing with your loved one without interruption from other guests.

Dim Lighting

The best romantic restaurants near Minneapolis will be dimly lit. Bright lights are harsh on the eyes. You will want to focus on your date, not the tables around you. Dim lighting is also very flattering. Some restaurants may lower their lights for the evening crowd.

Adult Beverages

It is always nice to share a nice glass of wine, bourbon, or a cocktail with your loved one. On a first date, an adult beverage can loosen up the conversation and make you feel more social. Even if you do not drink, you should look for a restaurant that serves alcohol in case your date would like a glass.


If you have offered to take your significant other on a date, you should be prepared to pay for dinner and drinks. It is hard to tell if your date will split the bill. Therefore, you must choose a restaurant that fits your budget. You will want to ensure that you can pay the bill when it arrives. There are many affordable romantic restaurants near Minneapolis.

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