The Choice to Utilize a Trade Show Display Rental

by | Apr 17, 2013 | Business

There are many times in life you might question whether you should lease or buy something. That question is also important in the business world. If you participate in trade show events, does it make sense to purchase a display or take advantage of trade show display rental? Many believe rental is the way to go for a variety of reasons, including money savings, variety in the amount of space available and for a change of pace.

Money Savings

Whether you are just starting out or you are a small company with little capital, it just might not make financial sense to purchase your own display. There are many costs that are tied into owning an exhibit, as well as a variety of responsibilities many business owners simply don’t want to handle. Renting the display enables you to try out different shows without any long-term financial commitment. Once you know you enjoy participating in the shows and they are profitable for you, you can decide if it is profitable to purchase the display outright.

Variety in Amount of Space

Every venue has different booth sizes and space they are able to rent businesses for their exhibits. If you own a display that is large, it could limit the number of events you can attend. Rather than restricting yourself, you can use custom trade show display rental for each show. This enables you to cater your size to the exact space you will have available at each venue.

Change of Pace

The same display isn’t always feasible for every show. If you participate in seasonal shows or you market different products during different times of year, you will need different displays for each season. Chances are you don’t have the capital or the room to store multiple displays, which makes renting at certain times of year an attractive alternative. You can choose to rent for every show or own a display for the shows that typically use the same exhibit and rent for the seasonal shows.

When you are faced with the question of leasing or buying a trade show exhibit, the answer takes careful thought. There are many circumstances where renting makes perfect sense. If you are considering a trade show display rental, think about the reasons you want to use it to ensure it is the right decision for your company

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