The Full-Size Nissan Armada

One of the challenges for many families in Newark, NJ, is finding a larger sized SUV. The trend over the last decade is moving to smaller compact and subcompact SUVs, which are a good vehicle but may not offer the passenger and cargo space needed for all drivers.

An exception to this is the Nissan Armada. This full-size SUV offers everything a busy family could want, including a roomy, comfortable cabin and an extremely quiet ride. This is a powerful vehicle that is perfect for both city and highway driving and is exceptional even on icy and snowy roads during the winter in Newark, NJ.

The Armada Benefits

The Nissan Armada in Newark, NJ offers a distinctive look, which includes a more dramatic looking front combined with a new style to the bumper and back. The interior of the cabin has a stylistic design with a large 12.3-inch touchscreen for easy visibility and control. The vehicle also comes with a color display gauge cluster that provides easy visibility and very modern look. The vehicle has Apple CarPlay and Android compatibility, and offers a wealth of additional technology features.

The Nissan Armada in Newark, NJ comes in four different trim levels. The base model is the S level, and the top level is the Platinum. Each of the trim options provides an additional level of standard features and options, allowing buyers to customize their vehicle to meet their specific driving requirements.

Keep in mind, the larger size of the Armada allows for three rows of seating, with an option for the second row as either a bench seat or two captain’s chairs. The third row is power-controlled, making for easy cabin configuration for extra cargo space.

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