The Importance of Hiring Experienced Disability Lawyers in Hampton, VA

When you first applied for disability benefits, you might have underestimated the intense legal process involved with it. You might have thought your application would go through on the first attempt, and you would get your benefits right away.

In fact, a large majority of first-time applicants get turned down for benefits. You can file appeals, however, and better your chances of winning your case by hiring one of the experienced disability lawyers in Hampton, VA, to represent you.

Filing Appeals

When the court denies your case, it is vital that you immediately file an appeal. An appeal will keep your case active and on the court’s docket. It also shows the judge that you are not faking your illness or injury and have a dire need for these benefits.

Your attorney can file the appeal the same or the next day after your case is denied. He or she may be able to get you another court appearance within months so you can make your argument again and request the judge find it in your favor.

Your attorney can also put in new proof with your appeal to further demonstrate your inability to work. Each appeal can include more compelling evidence until the court finds it in your favor and awards you the benefits.

You can find out more about hiring disability lawyers in Hampton, VA, online. Contact Bowman Disability Law to set up a consultation or request more details.

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