The Importance of Residential Hurricane-Proof Windows in Miami

The installation of hurricane proof windows in Miami has become standard in new houses over the years. Laws require new residential buildings to either be constructed with these features or specific types of shutters. The devices greatly reduce the risk of significant damage in severe weather conditions. Owners of older homes may want to replace their windows with these laminated products.

Potential Problems With Regular Windows

Without sufficient permanent protection for a home, the owners must nail wood over windows when hurricanes approach the area. High wind pressure can break glass. Glass also can break if wind hurls branches or large hailstones are driven by wind. Now heavy rain blows inside, along with debris swirling in the air. The interior of the home can be substantially damaged.

Manufacturer Testing

New types of hurricane proof windows in Miami are thoroughly tested by the manufacturer before being released for sale. Manufacturers verify that their products can withstand very high wind pressure even when not struck by an object. A major problem with hurricanes is a window breaking and the resulting pressure causing the roof to actually rise off of the structure. Buildings can even implode under this level of pressure.

Another step in the development phase is the missile test. This confirms that the glass will not break when hit by a piece of wood traveling at typical hurricane wind speeds. Manufacturers aim missiles at the middle, sides and corners of the glass since flying debris could strike anywhere.

Owners of older homes constructed before regulations required impact windows may learn about one particular contractor at the website

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