The Key Things You Need to Know Before You Decide to Take a CPR Class

It is a good idea to take a CPR class in Austin. You may save a life one day if you are certified in CPR. However, there are several things that you should know before you take a CPR class.

There Are Different Levels of CPR Training

You should make sure that you take a class that fits your needs. There are child, infant and adult CPR classes. Many classes will give you a certification in all three. You can also take basic life support CPR. If you are thinking about going into the medical field, then you will need to take this class. Additionally, advanced CPR classes are available.

You Won’t Be Sued

Many people are afraid to do CPR in Austin because they fear that they will be sued. However, there are Good Samaritan laws in every state. You do not have to worry about getting sued if you perform CPR and are not a licensed healthcare provider.

CPR Must Be Administered Early

Most cardiac arrests occur outside of the hospital. Ninety percent of the people who suffer cardiac arrest are outside of the hospital. The good news is that CPR can increase the chance of survival by 200 to 300 percent.

CPR Is Most Effective When It Is Used Along With an AED

An AED is short for automated external defibrillator. It is designed to analyze heart rhythm. If it detects an abnormal rhythm, then it will shock it back to normal. When CPR is performed along with using an AED, a person’s chance of survival will be much greater.

It Is Best to Take CPR in Person

There are online CPR classes that you can take. However, it is best for you to learn CPR in Austin in person. You have to demonstrate your ability to perform CPR.

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