The Options Offered In Hygienic Use Alfa Laval Valves

There are some manufacturers that are considered to be the gold standard in producing specific components across different industries. For hygienic and sanitary process use, Alfa Laval valves hold that distinction.

There are several reasons why Alfa Laval valves are considered the optimal choice when looking for sanitary process valves. The company itself has a reputation for providing cutting edge technology, precision engineering, and manufacturing, as well as valves that perform even in the most demanding systems and conditions.

Valve Options

There are many different options available in Alfa Laval valves. One of the most popular for use in sanitary processing systems is the mix proof valve. This is designed to allow one valve to control the flow of two different types of liquid in the system without the risk of one stream contaminating the other.

The choice of the mix proof valve limits the need for two different valves on the line, which helps in reducing both the cost of installation as well as the cost of maintenance and replacement. These valves offer a complete seal, and they can be designed with a specialized cleaning system for CIP technology.

Butterfly valves are used as an option for flow shutoff and on routing valve. They are designed to work best with the low to medium viscosity types of media, and they offer very limited flow resistance with these types of materials. It is not uncommon to find these valves in the pre-designed valve matrix set-ups, which are also designed by Alfa Laval and customized to the needs of individual systems.

The single seat valves (SSV) are similarly designed with performance in mind. These valves have a very long life cycle in a process system, and they are low-maintenance, CIP types of valves. They are also extremely flexible in their usage, making them a good choice in many general types of applications and systems.

Alfa Laval also offers a full line of regulating valves, non-return valves, air-relief valves, and valve top control and monitoring types of indicator systems.

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