The Perfect Diaper Bag is Made for Mom and not the Baby

Have you ever heard someone say, “What’s in it for me?” You could ask that about a diaper bag! The fact is a diaper bag is made for the mother and not the baby. The infant does not carry the bag once. It is only slung on mom’s shoulder, filled with things she needs to keep the baby contented. So the perfect designer diaper bag is one designed to please the mother, who is responsible for carrying a multitude of infant items no matter where she is going.

Today’s diaper bags are nothing like the bags made 20 years ago. In fact, many of the stylish bags made today could pass as purses or satchel bags. They do not look like traditional diaper bags, until you open them and find compartments filled with items like diapers, a bottle or two, bibs, and clothes.

Stylish Features with Nooks and Crannies

Stylish on the outside and practical on the inside, the typical diaper bag is made out of solid colors or interesting prints. Unlike the older diaper bags, they no longer are printed with childish graphics. The busy mom using the diaper bag as a purse and day-trip bag wants a bag that will not stand out like a sore thumb. Graphics of balloons and alphabet blocks are out, and florals, diamonds, stripes and a host of elegant patterns are now in style.

Also setting the modern day diaper bag apart is the storage space design. The bags may or may not have big pockets on the outside, but they all have nooks and crannies hidden on the inside. Each mother will have their own opinion about what constitutes the ideal bag, but there are certain features that are desirable by all. They include:

* Constructed of waterproof or water resistant material
* Adjustable shoulder straps
* Straps that accommodate hanging on a stroller
* Space for diapers
* Bottle pockets
* Moisture proof compartment for items that must be kept dry
* Large space for spare clothes, burp cloths, bibs and toys
* Built-in changing pad or pocket that will hold a changing pad
* Key fob so keys are always kept handy
* Extra pockets or space that can be used for anything the mother needs to carry

Within Reach at All Times

Most mothers agree that a diaper bag with plenty of pockets that can be easily accessed is an important feature. The exterior pockets are often used for the mother’s items like a wallet, cell phone and sunglasses. The bags are designed to make it easier for a woman carrying a baby to reach commonly used items quickly and easily. This is an especially important feature when in you are in parking lots or when it is raining.

The key fob is an important safety feature also. It helps keep keys conveniently within reach at all times. The key fob also helps mothers avoid locking their keys in the car, since the keys can be securely clipped as soon as they are removed from the ignition.

Most mothers agree that buying high quality diaper bags is important. The bags get a large amount of use and need to be sturdy so they are long lasting and do not fall apart when most needed. Diaper bags make life a lot easier for traveling mothers, whether going to the grocery store or another state. Before choosing a bag, lay out the baby items you will want to carry when leaving the house. Then shop for a diaper bag that is large enough and has enough pockets to hold everything. It is an exercise that will pay dividends in the end.

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