The Phlebotomy Cart is Important to any Blood Bank

The average blood bank goes through a large amount of syringes, tubes, gloves and disinfectant on a daily basis. In order to properly function, quality phlebotomy carts and trays are needed to ensure that everything stays organized. There are many different kinds of phlebotomy carts and trays available by many different manufacturers so it’s important to do some research before deciding on the right one. Storage Space A good phlebotomy cart is going to have multiple levels for storing multiple trays of blood. These trays are often easily removable. These carts also often have wheels on them so they can be easily moved in and out of storage. A good cart will also have spots to store medical supplies such as disinfectant or latex gloves for the medical professional to use. A good tray will have dozens of slots for many tubes of blood and it should be easy to remove and put back the tubes. Most carts also have adjustable countertops that can be added to give extra space. Secure Almost all good phlebotomy products will have a lock and key or other security option to ensure that the blood being stored cannot be tampered with by a non-medical professional. A blood clinic that is not secure is not a blood clinic that is going to be staying in business for very long. Make sure that any phlebotomy cart you purchase comes with this option. Most phlebotomy carts are made out of steel or another durable material so they will last a long time. Not Cheap A phlebotomy cart is one of the more expensive items a blood clinic will have to buy but if you do some shopping online you should be able to find a good option that will fit your budget. There are many different stores online that offer medical supplies so take your time and research before deciding on a decision. Phlebotomy products are quite simply the most important purchases you will make for your medical business. You need to ensure that whatever you purchase will be safe for your clients and medical professionals to use or there is no point. A phlebotomy cart or tray that doesn’t do what’s it’s supposed to could put your patients health at risk and put you out of business so make sure you only purchase these items from a seller with a great reputation for providing quality products. Comfort Biz offers phlebotomy carts and other phlebotomy products online. Check out their website today for all of your medical needs.

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