The Safest Surveillance Systems in Chicago

Would you trust a surveillance company whose home monitoring service centers were located all over the country but nowhere near your home? Probably not at first, but the truth is that is how most surveillance companies operate. Because of increasingly advanced technology, a surveillance operator can still call the correct police department on the other side of the country in seconds. For families who need a little extra security, however, the best surveillance systems in Chicago base their central security stations right in the Chicago area, not out-of-state. Considering the double benefit that homes with a security system in Chicago are about 15 times less likely to fall victim to a burglary and that many home insurance policies offer discounts for homes with security alarm systems installed, a Chicago-based staff is the icing on the cake. Chicago homeowners can finally rest easy.


Do you have an existing home surveillance system you’d prefer to work with rather than replace with a new one? While brand new home monitoring systems are full of cutting-edge integration capabilities, such as with smartphones and online access, a tried-and-true system can save a lot of money on installation charges. All families deserve a secure home so the best surveillance systems in Chicago are able to work with and reprogram most existing systems. Affordable payment plans should also be available for all levels of income, as well as training for all new users.

Fully Integrated Service

Home security has increasingly become a fully-integrated service; equipped with a smartphone or tablet, you can turn the porch lights on and off, control the thermostat and arm or disarm your security system, all with the touch of a screen. Remote control of your home security system has never been easier. Visitors can ring your buzzer at home, while you instantly see live video footage of their faces right from your phone’s screen as you’re getting ready to leave the grocery store. Like an apartment intercom, why not push the button that lets you tell your friend you’ll be there soon? The proven and reliable industry of home security has never blended so seamlessly with state-of-the-art electronics. Home surveillance systems in Chicago take immense benefit from this level of integration. Not only is professional home monitoring staff available from local outposts, but homeowners themselves can take charge of their own security.

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