The Undeniable Benefits of Getting Custom-Made Orthotics in Manhattan

If you find yourself needing orthotics, you most certainly want to purchase custom orthotic inserts. This is not a product of which you want to buy “off the shelf” models. There are a vast number of reasons why this is so, but here are just a few of them.

Exact Support
Everyone has different orthopedic needs. What may work for one person may not necessarily work for another. This is why custom orthotics is your best bet. They will offer you support exactly where you need it. Traditional orthotics is fine for a quick fix, but in the long term, you will want custom solutions that address your specific issues. The custom orthotics cost is on par with mass-produced versions as well.

Pain Relief
Remember that time in life when your feet did not hurt? You can get back to that when you choose custom orthotic inserts to help cure your foot pain. They have been shown to prevent not only foot ulcers but foot musculature injury as well. They go a long way towards improving the way your entire foot functions.

Bringing Things Back To Normal
When abnormalities are present in the feet, they cannot be corrected by generic insoles. Exact measurements of the feet must be taken and custom orthotics must be designed based upon these specifications. While they are generally comparable in price, extensive design may incur a higher custom orthotics cost. However, this should never prevent you from purchasing what you need. Check with your insurance provider to see what is covered. When you need to take care of your feet, contact Arcus Orthotics at

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