Three Essential Tips for Hiring a Commercial HVAC Contractor

While you may find many HVAC technicians able to handle your residential units, finding someone qualified to handle commercial HVAC in Baton Rouge is not always as simple. Commercial units have unique requirements, and you should be sure that the contractor you hire is able to handle the installation, replacement, repair and maintenance commercial units need. These three tips should help you find the right contractor for the job.

Ask for References and Referrals

When you first begin your search for a commercial HVAC contractor, consider asking local businesses for referrals to the contractor that handles their HVAC concerns. When you are interviewing the HVAC company, ask them for references. If they have the amount of experience that you want them to have, they will also have references available to give you.

Discuss Potential Guarantees Ahead of Time

Repairing commercial HVAC in Baton Rouge can be an expensive task. If the contractor makes mistakes that need fixed, you could be faced with paying even more money. Make sure that you choose to go with a company that offers a written guarantee of their work. Discuss those guarantees prior to signing the contract.

Don’t Be Afraid of a Second Opinion

If your HVAC repair company tells you that you need to choose to replace parts of your system, make sure that you get a second opinion. It could be that the first HVAC contractor is telling you the truth, and you need to replace the parts. But HVAC contractor can also charge more for parts that are replaced than ones that are repaired. A second opinion can help save you unnecessary charges. AccuTemp offers repair for commercial HVAC in Baton Rouge contact them now.

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