Three Types of New York Night Guard Options
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Mouth guards are ideal for helping people who grind their teeth at night. They are also great for people who are vulnerable to mouth-related injuries because they play sports or participate in other activities. Here are three types of New York night guard options that you can choose from to make sure your teeth are protected.

Boil and Bite
These types of night guard are some of the most effective that you can choose, but they require some work. Just like the name says, you have to boil them or put them in very hot water before putting them in your mouth. The hot water helps make the thermoplastic material that they are made from more flexible so they will conform to your teeth and your mouth. There are two reasons why these types of New York night guard products are popular. For one thing, you can usually find them at most sporting goods stores. But in addition to that, they offer a closer fit for your mouth after you put the guard in hot water. All it takes is some tongue pressure or finger pressure to shape them around your teeth.

Stock Night Guards
When you purchase a stock night guard, the product is ready to wear. These types of mouth guards don’t cost much, but they aren’t adjustable to conform to your mouth either. In some cases, they are so bulky that they can make it difficult to breathe and they don’t provide much protection for your teeth. Most dentists do not recommend using stock night guards because they are ineffective and they can actually cause more problems than they solve.

Custom-Fitted Guards
If you want to have the best New York night guard for your mouth, you should get one that is custom fitted to your teeth. These are designed either in your dentist’s office or produced in a lab from a model mold created of your teeth. These mouth guards are made specifically for your teeth. This makes them a little more expensive, but they also add more comfort and protection for your mouth and teeth because they are made for the shape of your mouth and teeth.

In most cases, a night guard is only used on your upper teeth. However, in more extreme cases, your dentist may recommend using a night guard on your lower teeth as well. Consult with your dentist about your best night guard options for the best results and most protection.

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