Three Ways a Photograph Can Become Art with Fine Art Framing Los Angeles

Today, art is not defined the way it used to be. Anything can be art because beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder and a few followers on social media. Thanks to smartphones and other electronic devices, moments can be captured through a photograph. That photograph of a specific moment can then be hung on your wall or set on your desk in the perfect frame that you picked out.

Here are three types ways a photograph can become art through fine art framing Los Angeles.

The Right Filters

When you capture a moment on your smartphone or camera, sometimes, that moment needs a little something extra. Maybe you want the focus to be the sun, so you make it a little more yellow or a little more orange. The same goes for a flower, rain drop or the clouds. Today, the possibilities are endless with the help of one or more filters. You also have the ability to blur out the backgrounds while making blades of grass the focus.

The Right Size

A photograph can become art in any size. If you want to place it on your desk, a small 4×6 might do. If you want to hang it on your wall, you might opt for a larger portrait size. Fine art framing professionals are masters of their craft. Therefore, they have the equipment that deliver only the best, printed quality.

The Right Frame

Every great work of art requires the right frame. Once the photograph is printed, you can opt for something classic or something modern. You can pick a vivacious thick, red border frame or you can go with a thin, black frame. It is up to you and your artful eye.

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