Tips for Planning the Most Perfect Destination Wedding for the Ages

Your Belize wedding destination should be as beautiful and picturesque as your entire love story from beginning to end. Many couples decide to forgo a traditional wedding in their hometown to throw a destination wedding for the ages. When you hold a Belize destination wedding, you and your guests get to avail themselves of an exotic location while celebrating the love of the couple. Throwing a destination wedding will make it a memorable event that your loved ones will remember for years and years.

Don’t Forget to Book the Villa

When booking a destination villa in Belize, you will need to do so months in advance. This makes sense as planning an opulent wedding takes a lot of time. When looking for villas in Belize, make sure you leave between 12 to 18 months for planning and the sign-up process.

Notify All Of Your Guests of the Arrangements

You will need to leave about as much time to notify the guests of the arrangements as you will need to find them in the first place. Not everyone can afford to buy plane tickets and villa accommodations at the last minute. So plan to give your wedding guests about a year’s notice between the reception of the invitation and the wedding date.

Make Arrangements at the Villa

As it gets closer to the wedding date, you will need to either hire a wedding planner that will travel or find one who’s native to Belize. You will also need to find vendors. Plan to do all of this a few months before the actual wedding date.

Get Your Passports and Marriage Documents

It’s a given that you and your partner will need your passports to travel to Belize. But the two of you will also need your marriage documents. Make sure that they’re a part of your wedding luggage well before you leave for your trip.

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