Tips on Roof Replacement

Some roofing material is expected to last only 20 years on average. If you have been living in your present home for a considerable period of time and the roof seems to look worn and in decline, you might have to consider roof replacement. Roof replacement is a significant expense and the process is both time consuming and inconvenient. To save money, a home owner might mull over repairs or partial re-roofing as a cheaper and less invasive alternative, but re-roofing will only provide a temporary solution if extensive damage has set in.

You may need roof replacement if the following indications are detected:

1.The roof deck is in a poor condition

2.The existing roofing appears to be shoddy and extensively worn down

3.The existing roof has too many layers present

4.Shingles have gone missing or the granules on the topping are missing

5.If the roof ridge does not appear straight and is lop sided the structure may no longer be strong enough to bear additional load if there is a heavy snowfall or ice load

A replacement job can potentially cost thousands. However, on the flip side, timely replacement can protect the structure of your home and prevent further damage to the whole home. A roof replacement that is properly installed will provide years and years of carefree protection to your home.

When you choose roof replacement, you also remove all water leaks and water damage that could have been contributing to the development of mold and mildew. Not only will your home be more structurally sound, but the house will be healthier to reside in.

Roof replacement in St. Peters MO is an expensive project that depends on the cost of the roofing materials, the charges of the contractor, the pitch (steepness), roof area and other factors. Roofing materials vary in cost from the cheap 3-tab asphalt shingles to slate or architectural shingles that cost much more. A full scale replacement job may cost something like $5,000. You can also negotiate on the service charge with your contractors. The best jobs are done in drier months but replacement can be done most months of the year. The trick is to engage a contractor with a large team of professional roofers that can finish the work in much less time. Before you engage a contractor find out the details of how the work will be accomplished. Ensure that he finishes the work in the time frame guaranteed for the roof replacement. St. Peters MO residents can find the skilled local professional roofers for their roofing requirements.

If you are looking for roof replacement, St. Peters MO based Affordable Exteriors offers a wide range of services for residential, commercial and institutional buildings.

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