Tips to buy a used car from a car dealer

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Automotive

Before you go and buy a used car from a car dealer it is important that you know what to check out in the car that you are planning to buy. Car dealers are experts in dealing with the used and new cars which includes buying and selling of cars. Thus you need to be very careful if you want to avoid being taken for a ride. Mentioned below are some tips which would help you get a good car for yourself.


  1. Watch out the exterior: When you are buying a car, check the exterior carefully. If you find that it has been newly painted then check from the dealer when the painting was done. You must carefully check whether the car was painted to hiding the rusting portions.


  1. Check the car thoroughly: Check the bumpers of the car. Then examine the surface of the wheels for signs of rust or dents. Following that you would need to examine the whole vehicle. Do not forget to check the underside of the car as well.


  1. Go for the side checking: Next you should check the sides of the car. You should also check the front, rear, as well as the back of the car to find out whether the car has undergone any major repair. See if you can find any inconsistency. If you think that the edges or the door panels and hoods have fenders then check it immediately. See whether the frame of the car is aligned properly or not.


  1. The interior: Now you need to open the door and check the interior of the car. You should look for any tears in upholstery, damages made by sun or any other general damages.


  1. Checking the engine: For checking the engine you need to lift the hood. Then check whether the engine has been properly cleaned. See if there is any rust on the exhaust pipe or signs of oil leakage in the valve cover and head gasket. You will also have to check the oil in the dipstick, by rubbing it against your thumb. If you feel that there are small particles present in the oil, then the engine of the car may have some problems.


  1. Test run: Now you should take a test run. Start the engine and check whether it starts immediately. Go for a test drive and check whether the brakes are working fine. The brakes should not squeal and the car should stop immediately after applying the brakes.


  1. Ask for the certificates and records: Ask for the smog certificate from the dealer. You should also ask for the record of the car?ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ™s maintenance. Enquire about all the extra work that was done on the car and ask for all related receipts.


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