Trade Your Denver Property Liens for Cold Hard Cash and Move on With Life

If you were awarded property liens as a way of resolving debts people owed you, it can feel like a jackpot. However, waiting to collect on those property liens can feel like the worst possible outcome of a case when your money is just out of reach for several months. There is another way to get your money from these liens sooner. A company in Denver wants to buy your lien property for sale. Here’s how it works.

Contact the Company That Buys Lien Property for Sale

Contact the company that buys these properties. They aren’t lawyers, brokers, or even collection agencies. They are legitimate business people who pay cash for your liens. They assume the liens you have been awarded, which pays them back the money they have paid you when the liens mature. In essence, they do the waiting while you get the cash you want now.

You Get a Check, They Get the Paperwork Reassigning the Liens

Bring your lien judgments and related paperwork to the company agent. The agent verifies that everything is in order and has you fill out some paperwork for legal purposes that allow the company to take ownership. Then they print you a check and you head to the bank. It’s a very simple process. It rarely takes more than a few hours from the time of your appointment to the time you receive a check.

Visit Mayflower Judgements via when you are ready to trade your property liens.

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